As Barack Obama might say, “enough!”

December 23rd, 2008

Do we really need a picture of the president elect on the cover of every magazine every week?

And can we stop with the religious iconography?

Barack Obama is not a black & white Buddha surrounded by prayers. Stop depicting him as if he were.

Say what you will about the evils of George Bush’s America, viagra generic unhealthy but I contend that every instance of the FBI investigating someone’s library books, or listening in to an American citizen talking to terrorists, did less to endanger our democracy than this unrestrained and unjustified worship of a politician.

Free societies die when they deify their leaders.

Rome’s Repbulic fell when Caesar was seen as a celestial saviour.

This worship of a politician is unseemly and un-American.

We’re a nation of equals.

Respect the office? Yes.

Hope for a hero? Fine.

Deify the Democrat? That’s when it’s time to say, enough is enough.

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