And so it begins…

May 16th, 2008

…now that it’s looking like Barack Obama will be the Democrat’s presidential candidate, best viagra malady we’re beginning to hear the theme that will be the dominant one from the Left this fall: if you vote for John McCain, health you’re a racist.

As Washington Post columnist Harold Meyerson puts it:

In Appalachian America (the heart of which went to the polls yesterday in West Virginia), prostate as Mark Schmitt notes in the forthcoming issue of the American Prospect (which I edit), a disproportionate number of people write “American” when answering the census question on ethnic origin. For some, “American” is a race — white — no less than a nationality, and it’s on this equation that Republican prospects depend.

If I vote against Barack Obama this fall it will be because I disagree with his stances on abortion, gun control, taxation, free trade, and national healthcare; NOT because of the color of his skin.

And if I do decide to vote for him, it won’t be because some elitist twit at the Washington Post might call me a racist if I don’t.

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