A man of honor…

…is someone who can acknowledge that something is wrong even when he personally benefits from it:

I voted for Barack Obama and I’m glad he won. I hope he becomes a great president. Lord knows we need one.

Now the bad news. I’ve been thoroughly disgusted by press bias in his favor.

As someone who is a “communications professional, viagra canada physician ” I have a healthy regard for the difference between what I do in advertising — advocacy — and what the press is supposed to do — report facts.

Press favoritism has reached an outrageous and dangerous point in this country.

It was clear from the day he started running that the press was in Obama’s pocket. Anyone who couldn’t see that is either a fool or didn’t want to see it. I’ve included some links below but for those who just want the topline:

By 8 to 1 Americans think the press wanted Obama to win.
In the last months of the campaign, viagra sales cialis the press carried three times as many negative stories about McCain as about Obama.
I have every reason to believe that Obama is an honorable man. But what if the press decides to adopt someone who isn’t honorable? The fact that they rolled over for my guy gives me no solace at all.

We are living in a nasty, salve troubled world and we need the best press we can get. Instead, we have a bunch of arrogant, snotty, know-it-alls who believe we need their advice on how to think. They are tough on the people they don’t like and fawn on the people they do.

I have no use for the self-righteous, god-botherers of the Republican right. But they’re dead right about one thing — the “media elite” in this country are a fucking disgrace.

I’ve said it before, the way the press behaved in this election was absolutely despicable and did more lasting damage to our democracy than anything George Bush could have done over the last eight years.

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