I never recommend products

But, if you use a Mac, getting this for just $2 is worth every nickel:

Mac App Store – PopClip.

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Happy Holodecks, my friends.

The Wreath of Khan [Pic] | Geeks are Sexy Technology News.

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I saw two of these in my backyard, tonight


I saw them right after I saw an opossum crossing the road. Luckily for the opossum, the Great Horned Owls didn’t see him.

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It’s like the scientists at NASA have never seen a single science fiction movie



NASA shows off Robonaut’s gigantic new legs ahead of 2014 upgrade (video).

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Well, honestly, he didn’t deserve either

President Obama goes from winning the Nobel Peace Prize to being accused of crimes against humanity in just four years.

That’s got to be some kind of record.

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Whenever I see a label that says, “caffeine free”

I think to myself, “For God’s sake, why?”

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Considering the holidays are coming

I thought it was worth breaking my silence to share this with you.

Watch it to the end. It’s worth it.


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This is either a front for prostitution

The Snuggle House – Madison, WI.

Or it will be out of business in six months.

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Remember to vote early and often!

Milwaukee man pleads guilty to five counts of voter fraud.

Somehow, I doubt he was voting for Republicans.

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Yes, you have a total right to do what you’re doing

Police stop men in Green Bay carrying shotgun, AR-15.

But stop doing it. You make the rest of us look like jerks.

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